Thursday, December 22, 2005

My ass is so huge

My ass is so huge and i like to be told i have a fat ass, big ass, huge ass, lard ass, anything, i wanna be humiliated by some hot chick, i have a pretty face and a huge ass, i want a hot girl to come and pull her nasty panties down and sit her stinky pussy right on my nose and start rubbing herself off on my nose, calling me fat ass and all names she could think of and then after she gets me on all fours and measures my huge ass in front of a big crowd of people and get's them to come up and kick my fat ass making it jiggle in humilation i can here everyone saying how fat and huge my ass is, be mean all you girls out there, you wanna tie me down, make fun of my fat ass, tell me what you think about girls with fat ass's, i'll walk up to your boyfriends faces and pull my panties down in front of their noses and spread my nasty pussy and ass right in his face, just enough for him and your self to see it and smell, ha ha, skinny bitches.